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Sonia Ogbonna Says She Has Chosen To Be In Charge Of Her Life; Replaces Wedding Ring With Nose Ring

Sonia Morales, the wife of Nollywood actor, IK Ogbonna who is currently in a struggle to keep his marriage together, has continued fueling the rumours of marital crisis.

The details about the health of her marriage to IK Ogbonna is unknown as both of them have only been sharing cryptic messages on social media, though rumour has it that financial crisis might be behind their marital problems.

With all that is happening, Sonia Ogbonna isn’t allowing any negative vibes get to her as she just posted a picture of herself rocking a nose ring.

In less than twenty-four hours, Sonia posted a series of cryptic messages on her Instagram and in the latest post, she said she has chosen to be in charge of her life.

The beautiful mother of one took to her Instagram page, where she posted a message for the umpteenth time, which kind of relates to her rumoured marriage crisis to IK Ogbonna.

She wrote;

“You can choose between REACTING to people or situations or ACTING DELIBERATELY. Reaction is triggered and DETERMINED by external factors such as circumstances, others/their behavior or opinions towards us, it’s an impulse, a need to respond in the way we were approached – often aggressively or negatively and it’s sort of a mechanism of defense. But before you REACT you need to ask yourself “Is this action reflecting my true nature and who I really am or wish to be?”. Don’t allow anyone have a power over you. I choose to be in charge over my life so I ACT DELIBERATELY.

“Meaning, I want my actions to be a reflection of WHO I AM at any point of time, no matter what & no matter circumstances. What you say or think is who you are, how I respond is who I am. I love me some me especially when I stay true to myself. Life isn’t perfect but it’s SOOOOOO DAMN BEAUTIFUL & EXCITING and I wish you recover from whatever you are going through so you can as well realize the same before it passes you by because you were too busy feeding ill thoughts, bad wishes and rotten emotions instead filling your mind with gratitude & love. I’m a light baby, can’t you feel it”.

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