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G-Eazy Feat. YG – Endless Summer Freestyle

G-Eazy & YG Flaunt Their Lifestyles On New “Endless Summer” Freestyle

download G-Eazy Feat. YG - Endless Summer Freestyle

Listen to G-Eazy & YG’s new freestyle “Endless Summer.”

After spending the past week celebrating his girl Halsey’s birthday overseas (and confessing his love for her), G-Eazy is ready to get back to work. Following his Machine Gun Kelly diss track “Bad Boy,” & his single “Rewind” last month, the Bay Area rapper decides to return to the scene today and share a new “Endless Summer” freestyle with YG, which he warned us about hours earlier.

Over a cold sample from the 1956 track “Neki-Hokey”, Gerald delivers a braggadocios, 4-minute lyrical exercise that finds him showcasing his effortless flow & boastin’ about his lavish trips, lifestyle & long money in the process. “Mixin’ Prada with Balenciaga, ‘member when I didn’t have a dollar to my name/ Now these girls are chasin’ clout, would swallow for the fame/ And now my bank balance and my followers the same, Ms,” he spits.

It’s presumed this is just freestyle for the fans, but with a title like “Endless Summer,” some people believe this could be a taste of The Endless Summer 2 project, the sequel to his original tape that dropped in 2011, which is rumored to be on the way. However it could also just be named after his recent tour that just wrapped up as well, but either way we’ll definitely take it.

Available on iTunes, take a listen to the new freestyle and sound off in the comments (below). Fire or nah?

Quotable Lyrics:

I’m always playin’ both sides
Model money, rap money, bags double sized (yeah)
Recognize, yeah, it’s all mine
Believe I’ma profit off this jawline (ha)
Buyin’ jewelry is gettin’ old
My jeweler said 80k it’s gettin’ sold (yeah)
Them diamonds hittin’ boy, you gettin’ bold
Ten shots to neck, ‘less we gettin’ broke

  Kanye West - Yikes

– G-Eazy

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