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Jaden Smith – Back On My Sh*t

Jaden Smith Has Room To Flex On “Back On My Sh*t”

Jaden Smith - Back On My Sh*t

Jaden Smith whips his hair back and forth like lil sis.

While Jaden Smith has been known to kick a melody or two, he’s not above getting reckless. Such is the state of affairs on “Back On My Shit,” which premiered as the Beats 1 World Record. Arriving on his dad’s fiftieth birthday, Jaden parties vicariously over the slinking instrumental, laying down a mix of distorted vocals and Bon-Iver esque melodic flourishes. The single arrives in the wake of a standout turn on Thugger’s “Sin,” and seems to indicate Smith’s newfound appreciation for the art of bullshittin’.

As he explains to Zane Lowe, the song draws inspiration from the film Skate Kitchen. “It’s about a female crew of skaters that are trying to find themselves,” says Jaden, “but they realize that their crew is the only thing that really helps them go through the city and feel like they are apart of something.”

Quotable Lyrics

I think I’m done with the flexin’
This is a different direction
The next generation collection
I just hope you get the message


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