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Kanye West – Yikes

Kanye West Yikes mp3 download

Kanye West Yikes mp3 download

Kanye West sets “Ye” off on a high note with “Yikes.”

With Ye still sinking in, it’s hard to truly parse through the project for standout cuts, as Yeezy’s eighth studio album feels consistent across the board. Yet there’s something undeniably appealing about early cut “Yikes,” which finds Kanye at his most endearingly obnoxious. Over a beat produced by the trifecta of Kanye West, Mike Dean, and Apex Martin, Ye switches between two disparate sides of his personality; self reflective for the chorus and self indulgent for the verses.

Calling back to the days of The Life Of Pablo’s “Wolves,” “Yikes” feels like a cousin of sorts, with a similar melodic line. “Shit could get menacin’, frightenin’, find help, sometimes I scare myself,” sings Ye, to the point where the ghost-like wail of its predecessor is half expected. Yet all bets are off when the beat kicks in, and Ye gets to dropping #MeToo references like it’s Oscar season. “Russell Simmons wanna pray for me too,” raps Kanye, before flipping the script. “I’ma pray for him ’cause he got #MeToo’d”

The second verse finds Kanye feeling more self assured than we’ve heard in a minute, as he paints pictures breast implant shopping sprees and reunions with old rival Wiz Khalifa. If you’re looking for an introduction into Yeezy’s latest brainchild, look no further.

Quotable Lyrics

Ayy, hospital band a hundred bands, fuck a watch
Hundred grand’ll make your best friends turn to opps
I hear y’all bringin’ my name up a notch
Guess I just turned the clout game up a notch
See, y’all really shocked but I’m really not
You know how many girls I took to the titty shop?

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