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King Monada – Malwedhe [#MalwedeChallenge]

People are fainting all over the place

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King Monada has the entire nation falling in the name of dance

If you’ve seen people randomly falling to the ground after doing a dance, it’s all thanks to Moreki hitmaker King Monada.

King Monada burst onto mainstream fame in 2016 when he made a song for the blessers aka Moreki – the ones who bless people by buying them this and that (not to be confused with the sugar daddies).

The hitmaker is back with another jam that has taken over SA and has literally seen people fall over themselves in jubilee.

The song, titled Malwede (which loosely translates to sickness in Khelobhedu, a Sepedi dialect) is about how the sickness of epilepsy can be caused by matters of the heart.

Not only does the beat go in, the lyrics instruct the listener on what exactly needs to be done to dance to the song.


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