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Migos Feat. Cardi B & Madonna – CHAMPAGNE ROSÉ

Quavo, Cardi B & Madonna Form The New “Three Amigos” With “CHAMPAGNE ROSÉ”

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Quavo, his sister-in-law, and the “Material Girl” form the oddest trio in existence.

The question is often raised; how much Cardi B smoke would the other Migos’ members grit and bear if Offset wasn’t there to lobby for her. I’ll let you come to your own conclusions. The oddest collaboration on Quavo’s debut solo project QUAVO HUNCHO feels like a lot a song arrangement decided over the flooziest of Thanksgiving dinners, with a brother reaching out to his in-law while the other people at the table were distracted elsewhere, allowing them to shake on the strangest of agreements while everyone’s attention was on a slowly diminishing pile of mashed potatoes.

Yes, you’ve read correctly, the Migos have reached a point in their careers where collaborating with Madonna has become an amenable option. It’s been said, Migos shot the video for “Narcos” in Madonna’s mansion. Don’t shoot the messenger.

To my surprise, and hopefully yours, the strange concoction entitled “CHAMPAGNE ROSÉ” is much better than it appears on paper. The Cardi B verse is far too short, the production as intricate as we’ve come to expect from Murda Beatz — to be honest, a lot of things come together on this mid-album cut. Song placement is often an indication of valor, and in this instance “CHAMPAGNE ROSÉ” is a bit of an anchor to the album as a whole. Color me surprised.

Quotable Lyrics:

Big watch, big charm
I get pissed off (Bow)
You get pissed on (Grrr)
Look, court-side at the Garden
Just to see LeBron
I don’t do number two
That’s the type of shit I’m on (Woo)

  Future - Take You Back

-Cardi B

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