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Tory Lanez Feat. Gunna – Miami

Tory Lanez & Gunna Take A Road Trip To “Miami”

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Tory Lanez and Gunna inform the masses where the gangsters go when they die.

Ever since Will Smith started the trend, rappers have helped make “Miami” a recurring hip-hop song title. This year alone, we’ve seen both Valee and Nicki Minaj drop their own respective “Miami” tracks, with Tory sliding in at three. Clearly, the city of Miami has had a profound effect on the visiting rap stars. This time around, Tory has brought breakout star Gunna into the fold, orchestrating a road-trip for the ages. When asked how such a collaboration came about, Tory heaped praise upon the Drip Harder rapper’s character.

“Gunna gotta be probably one of the coolest dudes to speak,” says Tory, to Zane Lowe. “Down to like, the way that he puts things and down to the metaphors. Like, when I listen to people, I listen for the way that they put things. Like somebody could say “I’m the flyest dude walking down the street.” Or, somebody could say “Yo, when I walk down the street, I’m a halftime jaw-dropper, fulltime superstar.” It doesn’t matter. It’s about how saucy you say something.”

While Nas professed that gangsters go to “Thug’z Mansion” upon shuffling off this mortal coil, Tory proposes a different destination altogether: Miami, bitch! Clearly, Gunna’s stellar vernacular has made him a particularly enjoyable traveling companion. Be sure to peep “MiAMi” now, the latest single off Tory’s upcoming Love Me Now? album. If you weren’t hyped before, this might change your mind. Despite opting for a melodic cadence, few can dispute that Lanez goes in.

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Quotable Lyrics

Dumb-dumb ass teachers and police said I’d be nothing, huh?
I ducked the precinct, chased my dreams and now
That Wraith ain’t rented, when I pull up man it’s stuntin’, huh?
I’m moving geetchie with bitches, they be like, “I’m fucking not”
Talking with opinions, all they got is opinions
I’m back and forth in millions, all y’all pussy n***s my minions
I spend days in Givenchy, Mama told me I would get it

– Tory Lanez

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