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G-Eazy Feat. Anthony Russo – Rewind

G-Eazy Slides His Hands In His Pockets On “Rewind”

G-Eazy Feat. Anthony Russo - Rewind download

G-Easy waxes poetic on lovelorn “Rewind.”

While Nas undeniably did it better, G-Eazy’s “Rewind” seems destined for commercial success. “I’m trying to be as big as Pac, all eyes on me,” raps G-Eazy, turning aside his “Bay Area Greaser” persona in favor of something more presentable. He may have broken hearts in the past but this time he’s issuing thoughtfully penned valentine’s day cards to the lonely hearts he’s left behind. Where better to reflect on one’s shortcomings than the picturesque mountaintops, as literary heroes have done for centuries? G-Eazy is a student of the game.

Admittedly, “Rewind” is not exactly unexplored territory for acolytes of young Gerald. The single originally surfaced in an unofficial capacity, though now it has received an impressive makeover. The clip itself depicts a relationship gone left, with a woman scorned taking a baseball bat to G-Eazy’s collection of platinum plaques. We can only assume that “Rewind” is the product of musings while cleaning errant shards of glass from the floor.

Quotable Lyrics

Every single night she wants some more of me
I’ma have to curve with some authority
Bringin’ hella drama you ignoring me
Know what’s good only if I invited you cordially

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