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VIDEO: Jaden Smith – “The Passion”

Jaden Smith Basks In Lavender Glow On “The Passion”

Jaden Smith enjoys a controlled outburst on “The Passion.”

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With SYRE in the dust, Jaden Smith has continued to solidify his presence in the game. Having enjoyed a starring role on J. Cole’s ongoing K.O.D. tour, Smith has no doubt evolved as an artist, earning the experience needed to truly reach his final form. Now, the young artist has come through to drop off some new visuals for “The Passion,” which finds him taking to the rooftops amidst a truly spectacular sunset; visually, Smith has always kept his clips aesthetically pleasing, favoring the indigo-pinks of a sunset as a natural color palette.

Here, Smith essentially throws a temper tantrum all by his lonesome before coming to realize the error of his ways. Somehow, the young man finds himself atop a tree, pondering moments of profound loss with nary a hug from neither Will nor Jada to be had. In any case, Jaden continues to pave his own way, and fans will no doubt appreciate his newest offering.

  Will Smith, Marc Anthony & Bad Bunny - Está Rico

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