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VIDEO: Mariah Carey – “GTFO”

Mariah Carey Stuns in Sexy Lingerie In “GTFO” Music Video

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The diva serves her brand of sexy in her latest clip.

Mariah Carey is rolling out her next studio album. The first single off the new record is entitled “GTFO.”

The new visuals offer sultry introspection, as the camera focuses on Mariah for the whole duration of the video. Her performance is infused with a languid appeal.

Her bust is adorned with intricate beading. Pink ruffles are added to the look for a princess-vixen vibe. She also wears a deep red, matching the wine she holds in her hand throughout the performance. Carey leaves the alcohol behind at times, twirling in the shadows of the dimmed-light scenery.

Although the singer is set on keeping her new content in line with her signature sound, she is clearly vying for a sustained relevance in pop culture. The title of the lead single is an indicator that the singer and her team are still keeping up with current trends while stirring away from musical fads.

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