Check Out Trevor’s Stuurman’s Stunning Portraits From Arise Fashion Week

Check Out Trevor's Stuurman's Stunning Portraits From Arise Fashion Week

Last weekend in Lagos was super busy thanks to Arise Fashion Week, which brought loads of big wigs in the fashion industry – from Naomi Campbell and Iman Hamaam, to Oluchi and more.

Designers and fashionistas from all over Africa headed down for this fashion showcase, and while it was exciting to see all these people, it seems like the organisers were trying (very hard) to make a bold statement. That’s an easy feat when you’re coming into a space where the blueprint has already been created for you, but well done to them I guess.

One of these fashionistas who came for Arise Fashion Week, was South African photographer, Trevor Stuurman, who produced a series of really cool portraits from the whole fashion showcase.

Speaking to Vogue about this, Stuurman said:

“Witnessing the varied styles was a reminder that Africa is not a single story. We are a continent blessed with so much depth and diversity – and the beautiful people of Nigeria, coupled with all the talented designers from around the continent, made it so easy. You could almost point the camera in any direction and be guaranteed a good shot.”

Fashion culture in Nigeria is heavily based on pageantry, so the runway wasn’t the only fashion show they had at Arise Fashion Week. The South African photographer observed and shot all the best looks through a series of portraiture, depicting the depth and diversity he witnessed, and also some major fashion moments from the runway as well.

Check out some of his photos from this series right here:

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