This Lagos-Based Team Is Leading The Way In Cheerleading In Nigeria

Although we all know about cheerleading – thanks to any Hollywood high school movie ever – not many of us would ever regard it as a sport. But the International Olympic Committee recently recognized it as one. And what this means is we’re most likely going to see cheerleading contests at the Olympics in the future.

While some of us, specifically fans of the Bring It On franchise, are waiting for when this finally happens, a cheerleading team called Lagos Cheer Nigeria is already leading the way in Nigeria.

Granted, cheerleading might seem like merely dancing, jumping and tumbling, these guys prove it goes way beyond that. During training, team members are exposed to the nitty-gritty of the sport, like acrobatic skills, athleticism, confidence and team spirit.

Given that cheerleading isn’t popular in Nigeria, you might think that getting a cheerleading coach would be impossible. However, Lagos Cheer Nigeria brags of a number of qualified coaches who train new team members. They also create awareness of the sport through displays and demos.

The team has featured in various sports events, like the Milo National Basketball Championship. With their experience so far, they’re confident they can represent Nigeria in cheerleading competitions within and outside Africa.

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